SEA Token CIC is a community interest company (#SC694232) registered in Scotland, with its registered office at 48 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1BP. The team behind SEA is legion - our work would not be possible without the input and guidance of a global network of environmental scientists, field workers, developers, data scientists, activists and environmental campaigners.

Here’s our core team - join us for one of our regular team SEAstreams to get to know everyone.

James Birchall - Founder & CEO
James is a web developer turned arts entrepreneur and climate activist. He was Director of Kudos Distribution (2006 - 2013), founded pioneering arts facility Fuse Art Space in 2014, and in 2017, founded the world’s most talked-about international art school, CAMP. Bootstrapped from a £150k loan, CAMP is now one of the best-known arts education projects in the world. James also leads CAMP’s “Action Tanks” series - annual workshop events, designed to produce pioneering climate tech and environmental activism projects.
Milan Jandik - COO
Milan studied film production and holds a diploma in visual effects. Whilst working in wildlife documentary film making and post production in the film industry, he got more and more into development. His work concentrates on bringing awareness to the dangers, faced by marine and land ecosystems. Throughout his project-related travels, he has seen the perils of endangered ecosystems firsthand, working with the ORP, Manta Trust, and a wide field of conservation organizations. Milan currently concentrates on supporting crypto projects with his expertise in the field - he is the co-founder of Frictionless, a project which pushes the boundaries of inter-cooperability in cryptocurrency, developing and promoting innovative ways of making the space safer. He has been invested in the Cryptosphere since 2015 and began actively looking into Blockchain and its game theory in the following years, having made his breakthrough in 2020 and building up an innovative portfolio and extensive network since.
Wolfgang Dafert - CTO
Wolfgang completed his Usability/VR master’s degree in Braunschweig - a former amateur competitive freediver, he was able to combine his love for entrepreneurship, IT consulting, and the ocean in numerous projects. One of his corporate responsibility projects was a documentary on HBO to spotlight the extraordinary freediving skills of the sea nomads of the Philippines - the Bajau. Now, his work is focused on transformative technologies like Blockchain, VR, and the Metaverse. He works out of the new digital nomad hub - Madeira, Portugal.
Teodora Smith - Project Manager
With over 20 years in the tech and crypto industries, Teodora Smith has experience in management consultation, team building, software development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. Teodora has managed projects at Google, Curiscope, and Startup Slang, helping them optimise their business processes and revenue.
Garvita Rajput - Marketing Coordinator
Garvita has over 7 years of experience and knowledge working with marketing teams. She has created and led teams for multiple marketing agencies including Globussoft, ClickthenConvert, and Superpower Accelerator. Her primary focus is on team alignment - she creates, optimises and streamlines processes. With a proven track record of reducing workplace chaos, Garvita’s superpower is the use of technology to integrate systems and eliminate redundancy.
Emma Sparrow - Marketing Manager
Emma was CEO of sustainable swimwear brand Ocean Mimic before moving into marketing full time - she’s one of the best known faces in environmental brand awareness.
Kristina Loosen - Primary Scientific Advisor
Kristina is a marine biologist with extensive experience in the management and analysis of long ecological data sets (specifically using randomization tests) and exceptional fieldwork experience working with large marine vertebrates, such as sharks, cetaceans, and sea turtles. She is currently pursuing a pioneering approach to the use of eDNA to monitor elasmobranch diversity.
Stacking Crew (in-house dev team)
In response to our growing demand for high quality, super-active developers, we formed The Stacking Crew - a development company, dedicated to building SEA products. The team contains award-winning designers, full-stack developers and blockchain specialists, as well as a dedicated project manager.
Raj Kapoor - Blockchain Advisor
Raj Kapoor is the founder of India Blockchain Alliance, the largest Indian emerging technology tech think tank. He's a global blockchain educator, Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), TedX speaker, and a skilled architect of blockchain, AI, robotics, cyber security, IoT, and cloud computing projects. Raj is a regular contributor to several technology publications including Economic Times, Fortune, Moneycontrol, Mint, NDTV Profit, Daily Tribune, Business Standard and more. Raj was also selected this year as a top cryptocurrency and blockchain influencer by Asian Market Cap. Raj designed 4 blockchains, 5 centralised exchanges, 3 swaps and 3 DEX's, and has worked on numerous sustainable and social impact blockchain projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Alexis Grosskopf - Ocean Technology Advisor
South Africa
Alexis is the founder and CEO of OceanHub Africa, the ocean-impact catalyst which connects, inspires and supports entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, businesses and other stakeholders to accelerate the development and adoption of new sustainable ocean solutions across Africa.

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