A global network of millions of sensors, monitoring and measuring our environment, and building an open, immutable data resource on the Algorand blockchain

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The Problem

Humanity's actions over the next ten years will be critical to the future of our planet, the ecosystems it maintains and the species, which live within them.

The time for preventative actions has passed, and we are now faced with the need for intelligent reactive measures to try to counter the human-created feedback loops, which are compounding climate change. To have any chance at all of effectively reacting to them, we need to know about them at the earliest possible stage.

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of the world's population owns a smartphone.
billion people

Our solution

We're building a unified platform for environmental data on Algorand - a one-stop resource for the key measurable factors of our planet. The SEA Nexus and its ecosystem will revolutionise how we obtain, understand and distribute environmental big data.

80% of the world's population owns a smartphone. That's an enormous number of people walking around with a device that can connect to the internet, pinpoint their GPS location (including elevation), and supply environmental observations in thousands of data subclasses. Our Android/iOS app will be free to download and use, and will reward users for supplying environmental observations straight from their smartphone. Take part in our predefined studies to gather data on deforestation, coastal erosion, water levels, species observation and more; or start your own study using our community tool builder.

At the same time, we have enlisted a cohort of partner organisations that will connect their existing and growing data sets to the SEA Nexus. Not only will the Nexus store and distribute data provided by individuals around the planet; it will also integrate high quality data streams from universities, research bodies, and other institutions. This will ensure that the Nexus is a deep, comprehensive and reliable data source, conforming to existing scientific standards and practices.

Combine these input methods with the analysis capabilities of our AI, the reliability provided by our consensus methods, and the ease of access to the resulting blockchain data, and we have a fast, borderless and accessible way for anyone - scientists, activists, researchers, governments, the media, the public - to see and understand what is happening to our planet.

The SEA Nexus is currently under development, but you can get involved now by joining the community.

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