Launching in 2022, VSEA is the utility token of the SEA Nexus, used to power the network, reward accurate data, and build value. It’s an ASA - a token on the Algorand blockchain. Algorand is the world’s most sustainable blockchain, the only carbon negative chain currently in operation.

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65% of the overall supply of VSEA is locked, to be used as rewards for the SEA Nexus over the next 40 years.

Profit Sharing

The SEA Nexus generates income in the form of data licenses. Nexus data will always be free to everyone for non-commercial use, but for commercial use, a license is required.

Every time we sell a commercial license, 40% of the sale goes straight into a market buyback of VSEA, raising the token price.

That’s already great news for holders, but there’s more - those VSEA are then distributed to our holders, proportional to your wallet balance and your contribution to the data we sold.

So, every time we sell a data license, holders get more tokens, and a higher token price. The more data you upload, and the higher your accuracy, the greater your share of the profits.

The profitability of the Nexus means profit for holders. In the future, new revenue streams will contribute more and more to this profit-share.

For more information on distribution, vesting, sales rounds and how the profit share mechanics work, see the VSEA white paper.

VSEA White Paper

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