SEA Token

We have 10 years to save our oceans. Every day, our seas decline in health due to pollution, warming, overfishing and habitat destruction. There's still time to save our seas, but we have to act now.

SEA is a blockchain project designed to feed organisations working to save our seas with financial resources, and to support the SEA data network. All transactions except buy orders on Pancakeswap trigger a 5% tax. 2% goes to our partners to fund their work saving our seas, 1% is locked into the liquidity pool, and 2% is shared out between all current holders of SEA - so you earn tokens just for holding, no farming necessary.

Our partners include Sea Shepherd, Oceanic Preservation Society, Coral Reef Alliance, 5 Gyres, GreenWave, FishAct, PADI AWARE Foundation and Gili Eco Trust - read the partners section for info on these incredible organisations. Additionally, a share of the funds goes to support new environmental research via our kickstarter platform, SEAstarter. SEA is good for our oceans, good for the planet, and good for your wallet. Read on to learn about our tokenomics, and how you can get involved.

Buy & swap SEA

SEA is available at Pancakeswap.

The contract address is: 0xFB52FC1f90Dd2B070B9Cf7ad68ac3d68905643fa

If you're selling, make sure you set slippage to 6%. If you're new to cryptocurrency, there's a really good little tutorial here


SEA is deflationary, auto-farming, fully decentralised and transparent.

Read on to find out what that all means for you, and for the sea.
For more depth on our tokenomics, read our whitepaper.

  • Deflationary

    As soon as SEA was deployed, 40% of the total supply, (80,000,000 tokens) was burnt. Why? So that a proportion of the 2% yield from every qualifying transaction is also burnt, resulting in an ever decreasing supply, and an ever-rising price floor. Wait, doesn't that mean one day there will be no more SEA Tokens? It's possible! But we calculate that this cannot happen before 2037. Long before then, we will have succeeded or failed to save our oceans, and our planet. We have just 10 years to turn things around.

  • Auto-farming

    Tired of paying gas fees and risking your tokens for small yield rewards? Keep your SEA tokens safe in your wallet, pay zero gas fees, and receive your share of the yield automatically every time a qualifying transaction happens! All you need to do is hold tokens, and you get paid - 2% is shared between holders. Sit back, and watch your SEA Tokens build.

  • Decentralised

    We're putting 10% of the total supply into marketing and listing fees, to make sure SEA gets the exposure it deserves. We've locked 20% into liquidity for a year using Unicrypt - by the time it becomes unlocked, it will have been more than replaced by the 1% liquidity tax. We've burned 40%, to make SEA deflationary. The remaining 30% of tokens are locked in a 6-12 month vesting schedule, to fund the development and deployment of our dapps. By the time our dApps are deployed, 100% of the total supply will be owned by the community, with zero tokens held by the team.

  • Transparent

    The SEA project is run by SEA TOKEN CIC, a community interest company based in the UK. Our team structure is transparent, our accounts are public, and our progress as we work towards our ocean protection goals is well documented. Full details of the yield sent to the charity wallet, and how it is distributed, is available on this website at all times. You can check the list of charity fund distributions here.

    The SEA smart contract was audited by Techrate - check the report here