SEA Token Factsheet

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Some quick answers to common questions. Also check the FAQ.

Contract: 0xFB52FC1f90Dd2B070B9Cf7ad68ac3d68905643fa
Total supply: 200,000,000 SEA
Burned: 80,000,000
Liquidity: 40,000,000 (locked on Unicrypt)

Project development wallet split into 3: locked 33% for 6 months, and locked 33% for 12 months.
Lock contract:
Lock ID 1 contains 18860000 SEA, unlocks Wed Apr 27 2022 13:34:51 GMT+0000
Lock ID 2 contains 18860000 SEA, unlocks Tue Oct 26 2021 23:00:01 GMT+0000

Buy on PancakeSwap V2:
Slippage: default when buying, minimum 6% when selling (to account for the 5% tax)


Audit: our contract is audited by Techrate

Transparency/trust: We are a registered Community Interest Company with charitable aims. Our organisation and team is fully public, as are our accounts and reports.

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