SEA dApps

We're building

We're building a suite of three groundbreaking open source dApps designed to make the process of gathering, storing, classifying, analysing and sharing environmental data faster, more efficient, more secure and more accessible.

SEAscore is a streamlined dApp for gathering data on ocean quality, including pollution levels, temperature, ecoacoustic data, habitat observations and other key indicators. Blockchain allows us to store, verify and distribute this data in a secure, SEAscore is intended for use by anyone, anywhere, with access to the internet; it is being be designed with accessibility and simplicity in mind. Client apps for SEAscore will be available (free) for Android and iOS.

SEAhub is a dApp which receives, stores and classifies the data sent by SEAscore. SEAhub can be used to extrapolate meaningful information from huge datasets, to recognise regional and global trends in ocean quality, and to identify and predict ocean emergencies. We’re building a pool of AI filters to:

  • Identify potentially false or misleading data
  • Differentiate between “incorrect” data and genuine data indicating extreme environmental conditions
  • Group data into “buckets” for faster and easier quantification and trend analysis
  • Automatically rate data quality and relevance
  • Connect/curate data streams to/for individuals
The SEAhub front-end will be available as a desktop app for Windows/Mac, and through a browser-based interface.

Finally, SEAsignal is a dApp designed to form an output for the conclusions of analysis on SEAhub. SEAsignal takes signals from SEAhub, and allows them to be shared to media, governments, social media, mailing lists, etc. It is designed to amplify the messages resulting from data analysis, and share critical ocean quality data to as wide a network as possible. SEAsignal will be available as an Android/iOS app, and accessible (with expanded functionality) in a browser.

Using these three dApps, we’ll construct a fast, accessible and flexible route for realtime data created by people around the world to be quickly, cheaply and efficiently analysed, converted into meaningful trend data, and disseminated. Disparate reports and individual packets of data from around the planet can be quickly correlated, verified, classified and collected into coherent signals.

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